Adhocracy Vol. I: Books and
Adhocracy is a creative and flexible organisational model that lacks official structure and hierarchy, which is contrasted to Bureaucracy. It is an adaptable way of thinking and doing, which uses already existing tools and structures for fast and effective problem solving.

In parallel to its official program that focuses on artist duo shows, Party Contemporary adopts Adhocracy for a series of presentations entitled “Adhocracy Volumes”. The first project of the series, Adhocracy Vol. I: Books and Tools, unfolded through a rhyme (Books and Tools …and Stools and Hooks…and….), which gradually evolved into a collection of books, objects and artworks, inviting the spectator to enter an ecosystem of thought. Logs from an old roof become the ad hoc structure that host an array of books and tools, but also the element that unifies this expansive environment. The tools on display come from the workshop of blacksmith Phanos Papasavva; they are tool-guides he creates on the job as aids for the construction of other objects. The books apposed, exhibit books as tools, or even suggest an expanded notion of toolness.

The academic philosopher, Dr. Christos Hadjioannou, is invited to interpret the environment of Adhocracy Vo. I: Books and Toolsthrough a text.